Our customers and our partners work closely with the DELACHAUX Group to help develop global worldwide projects.


“We take pride in our vocation with skill and enthusiasm.”

Driven by a passion for its technology-based industries, DELACHAUX has grown steadily over the years as a market leader in each of its main Operations, while developing the Group’s activities across the five continents.


The major investments made in the pursuit of the Group’s objectives, reflect the importance of key targeted markets: Railways, Urban Transit, Electrical Power and Data transmission, Aeronautic and Automotive Industries.


With more than 3,000 Group employees throughout the world, DELACHAUX’s experience and know how are widely recognized and appreciated.


Established in more than 20 countries, DELACHAUX is structured internationally to take advantage of the 21st century’s major challenges. The Group’s culture may be expressed through three main lines of action:


  • A constant search for innovative solutions
  • A strategy of maintaining close links to customers and partners
  • The pursuit of well-managed growth


The DELACHAUX Group is organized around 3 major Operations in order to fully benefit from this original vision: Railways, Conductic and Metals. In the long term, its markets will enable the Group to generate further growth and to maintain stability.


       Chairman & CEO