Diversified Industrial Activities

The Group is the world leader in its diversified industrial activities. It comprises three product lines:

Energy and Data Management Systems (EDMS)

The Conductix-Wampfler brand markets energy and data management systems for mobile industrial equipment. These products allow the transmission of energy and/or data from a fixed point to mobile equipment or machinery. Conductix-Wampfler mainly supplies equipment manufacturers in the crane, container handling, mining and bulk material handling, intralogistics and automotive sectors.

Chrome Metal

The DCX Chrome brand illustrates the DELACHAUX Group's centenary know-how in aluminothermic process. DCX Chrome is the world leader in the production of chromium metal for the manufacture of superalloys and special steels, used in the fields of aeronautics and energy production.


The Magnetism product line includes magnetic systems designed and manufactured by the Group for industrial separation and lifting operations, marketed under the Lenoir and MEC brands.

Its customers are specialized in  Aeronautics applications, Energy production and electronics. The Metals Operations exports more than 90% of its output.


DELACHAUX is the unchallenged leader in  sensitive technical applications using high purity Chromium.


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DCX Chrome