Our customers and our partners work closely with the DELACHAUX Group to help develop global worldwide projects.“We take pride in our vocation with skill and enthusiasm.”

Driven by a passion for its technology-based industries, DELACHAUX Group has become since 1902 a mobility player for people and goods. Today, it is an industrial leader in its markets, recognized for safety and reliability of its products and systems. 


With more than 3,000 Group employees throughout the world, DELACHAUX’s experience and know how are widely recognized and appreciated.


Organized by divisions (Railway Infrastructure, Conductic and Metals), all activities  DELACHAUX have a large degree of autonomy on industrial plan , R & D and marketing, in order to fulfill their primary goal: serve our customers closer to their needs.


The means implemented by our intentional teams fit perfectly the challenges of our customers in the areas of railway, urban transport, ports, mining, aerospace or logistics. 


Established in more than 30 countries, DELACHAUX responds to the challenges of its customers, bringing them value according to 3 axes:


  • Offer of integrated turnkey solutions,
  • Constant search of new technological solutions through innovation,
  • Locally meet customer's demand, making them benefit from our global visions of the markets


The ambition of the DELACHAUX group teams is to ensure the satisfaction of its customers on a daily basis: this makes the sustainability of the group for more than a century


       Chairman & CEO